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Tips to choose Valentine Gifts to Send Online in India

OH MY GOD! It’s valentine’s week! How does this day land up so fast on the calendar? Well, let’s be honest! This day comes every year on a particular date. Some of us prepare well in advance for it or really rush to the store nearby and find a “Perfect Valentine’s gift”.

While you may run to the nearby store to get your valentine a gift, you could exploit the internet with a plethora of Valentine’s gifting options online. Let’s take a look at some of the gifting options ideal for Valentine’s day.

Valentine Flowers


Now, one cannot deny the fact that the fragrance of a fresh rose can light up an entire room with its scent. How does one not gift flowers on Valentine’s? However lovely it may sound, a bunch of flowers on Valentine’s is sure to bring a blushy smile on your special someone’s face.

You could choose to give them a red rose flower bouquet or a rose chocolate combo online that delivers on the same day. Hence, even if you forget to buy your valentine’s gift, you could surely choose flowers as a token of love.

Valentine Cakes


According to biology a heart is the size of a human hand’s fist! But, don’t we all just know it as drawing two lines in an asymmetric manner with a red pen.

On valentine’s, heart shaped cakes are the most searched items online. And, why not? A heart is the symbol of love and cakes are the unsung heroes of winning the battle of hearts!

Gifting a chocolate heart shaped cake on Valentine’s assures you brownie points in case of your special someone. You can choose a Kitkat Heart Shaped cake online and choose to gift a bunch of red roses for your valentine.

You could also find a teddy bear with chocolate cake online and send it to your loved ones on the same day through instant delivery options.

Personalized Valentine Gifts


How often do you find a coffee mug with a photo in a supermarket? Personalized gifts have become a thing lately and we have surely looked into some really creative ideas.

Valentine’s day surely rings a bell for getting a customized gift for your love interest. A myriad variety of personalized gifting options are available online and one can find personalized photo-frame, heart shaped cushions with photos, golden rose with carvings, couple tee-shirts and lots more.

Personalized jigsaw puzzles, imported chocolates, rose & mug combo, and soft toys with flowers are some of most searched valentine’s day gifting options online.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Gifts for Him

How to confess that you like him? Would he accept your proposal or reject it? Well, you could give it a try by writing down a short letter to him. You could either tell him when he’s right in front of you or hide it in a chit and slip it into his bag.

However, if you want to impress him with your token of love for him, you could choose from a wide range of gifting options available online. Surprise him with his favorite perfume by sending it online with a secret message.

Or you could send him a watch with a specific time that would indicate the first time you met? Choose a delivery partner that delivers gifts on Valentine’s on the same day.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Gifts for Her

She loves me? She loves me not? She likes me? She likes me not? How to confess your undying love to your special someone? Well, be smart. Gifts are what makes a woman weak at her knees.

She cannot shy away from the obvious reactions when she receives a special gift from you. In the time of the internet, use your WiFi and explore Valentine’s gifting options online. You would find a mall of options to choose from to gift her on valentine’s day.

Try looking for a pendant with heart online for her. You can also scan for a beautiful clutch for her online and pair it up with a bunch of flowers to go with it.

Valentine Chocolates


While Charlie and the Chocolate Factory gave major make-believe goals to its audience, it also redefined the love of chocolates. Be it a man or woman, a boy or a girl, chocolates are a way of bringing a smile on someone’s face.

Valentine’s Day binds the aura with the eternal love there exists and to gift chocolates on Valentine’s is an icing-on-the-cake kinda phenomenon. Imported chocolates, hand-made chocolates, dark chocolates, milk chocolates, and so many other varieties are available in the market around Valentine’s week.

You can find websites that sell chocolates in India as well as abroad. Hence, if you are away from your special someone, in just one click, you can send a chocolate bouquet or chocolates teddy combo on Valentine’s Day to him or her online.

The beauty of valentine’s gifts is in the same day delivery thus, choose a site that delivers gifts on the same day as well.

Do browse to see Valentine Gifts which can be delivered ALL OVER INDIA with Free Shipping & Free Greeting Card with your message.

Gifts for Gujaratis – 5 ideas to impress your Gujju friends!

Picking a gift for your close friend or relatives is hard enough – the task becomes downright frustrating when you have to do it for someone from a culture you are not fully familiar with. Perhaps you have befriended a Gujarati friend lately, enjoyed the Gujju hospitality, or got engaged to a girl from a Gujarati family (congratulations!), and are now scouting around on a gift that will please them? We are here to help you avoid needless clichés, and pick a gift to impress!

Gifts for GujaratisGujarat and Gujarati culture has been in the limelight of late; thanks to umpteen Bollywood Movies, and prominent politicians from the state. However, understanding the essence of Gujju culture is still not an easy task! So, to do a great job in terms of gift-picking, here are some traits, which we definitely need to keep in mind:

  1. Business is in their blood – OK, you probably saw this coming, but what does it mean for gift giving? Say, you are marrying a Gujarati girl; an absolutely great gift might be a laptop (check that she doesn’t have one already). She’s probably already working for her father’s business, and you can drop hints that you support her starting a business of her own. A laptop ties in perfectly with that idea.

    A gift subscription to a Digital Marketing course, may be a non-obvious, but a very well appreciated gift too, for any Gujarati friend. It will help them tie their traditional business wisdom, with new age marketing tools in their business.

    If you want to keep it simple and low key, you can even gift them some office accessories, Ganesha idols, or a nice old-school fountain pen. This should go down very well for any business owner.

  2. The entire extended family is extremely connected – As you know, Gujaratis are extremely well bonded with not just their immediate relatives, but their extended family all over the world. Any gift, which reminds them of this bonding, will surely pluck their heartstrings, and bring a lump to their throat.

    So, you can pick some nice family pictures from their FB or GPlus profile, and get some lovely coffee mugs, personalized photo frames, or even a nice jigsaw puzzle created, and sent online. Trust us, these will be cherished for years to come.

    These days there are lots of services, which allow you to send such gifts online, with the convenience of click and deliver. In fact, we at also have this service, and it’s one of the most popular options for patrons. They can simply upload their choice of pics, and such personalized items can be directly delivered all over India (including interior areas of Gujarat)  in a few days, served by Courier or even Indian Post (for remote locations).

  3. They love their food – That Gujaratis are great foodies is no secret – you only have to search “Manek Chowk”, the famous night food market to get a sense of that! However, gifting Khakharas, Dhoklas or Gujju sweets to your friends in the state makes no sense! They probably know hole-in-the-wall outlets which serve far more scrumptious versions of any “high-brand” food item you can gift them.

    Our recommendation is to play to their sweet tooth, and gift them out of state items, which they probably may not have tried. So, say, famous Ghevar from North may be something they or many people in their families may not have tried, and they are bound to be a conversation starter at gatherings, or at the dinner table.

  4. They love to travel – Gujjus are fond of travelling, be it to nearby states, or to the far corners of the earth. You can play up to this trait by gifting them stuff like GPS Luggage Trackers, Travel Wallets, Compact Backpacks, or if you have the budget for it, a holiday for two! Trust us, they will simply love your practical gift!
  5. They appreciate good brands – Thanks to the Gujarati families spread to almost all major countries, and being connected to each other, Gujaratis are extremely familiar, and appreciative of global brands, even if these brands do not have a presence in India.

    This means, you can bring over some wonderful branded toiletries, cosmetics, niche chocolate brands, aromatherapy kits, and small gadgets with you (or ask your NRI friend to get those for you), and hand them over in person as a nice hamper. They will definitely make a huge impact!

So, now you know how to dazzle your Gujarati friends, go ahead and make their day, but in a thoughtful manner. If you need any further inputs, please feel to let your friends at know, and we will be happy to help!

Will your brother wait for your Rakhi this year?

The bond of a sister and a brother is so pure, so tender and so beautiful. As children, boys who have no sisters yearn for someone who would tie rakhi on their empty wrists while girls with no brothers pray for someone to whom they can tie a Rakhi. But as we grow up, the bonds loosen up.

We get so engrossed in work, marital duties, and raising kids that we neglect to stoke the stove of family relationships to keep it warm. Consequently, the warmth cools down with time and we grow distant from ones we love the most. Festivals like Raksha Bandhan are like reminders to us to keep the fire burning. It is an occasion to take out sometime to visit our past and make special efforts to keep the bonds strong and unbreakable. Online Rakhiorders might seem like impersonal to you but they offer you an easy way of expressing that even though you may be across seven oceans, your heart is always near your brother and his family.

Leaving your hometown and moving to another city or country does not mean that you have to leave behind all those who you love too. You can always carry them in your heart. Just let them know that you are thinking about them from time to time. When you send rakhi to India, you are telling your brother that you pray for his well-being and long life and the special rakhi you send for your bhabhi tells her that you love and respect her too and accept her as inseparable from your brother.

So book your Rakhi order now at Gujarat Gifts and gift a smile to your brother this year!


Understand the semantics of Rakhi to India

Do you know that Raksha Bandhan (Bond of Protection) is perhaps the only festival of its kind in the world to celebrate the love of brother and sister? When sisters send rakhi to India, it means that they are offering prayers for the happiness, prosperity, and long life of their brothers and their families.

A brother, who proudly sports rakhis on his wrists, glows with the pride and love for his sisters. A Rakhi to India is a symbol of the love of a sister and a commitment of a brother to protect her sister and her happiness at all costs.

Online rakhi collection at Gujarat Giftsincludes:

  • Sandalwood (chandan) rakhis that come with their delightful fragrance. Sandalwood is considered sacred and is a favourite of Lord Vishnu. Sandalwood rakhis may contain small sandalwood beads, trinkets or shavings.
  • Rudraksha rakhis may have one or more rudraksha beads in the centre. A favourite of Lord Shiva, a wrinkled rudraksha bead is said to attract good health and fortune and ward off evil and bad luck.
  • Mauli Rakhis are simple, traditional and comfortable to wear.  Mauli strands are often tied on the wrists when one performs a puja and it is considered auspicious for the wearer.
  • Lumba rakhis are beautiful. Originally, they come from Rajasthan and are tied on the wrists of sister-in-laws (bhabhis). In a religion that considers wife to be the other half of the husband, it cannot be enough for a sister to just pray for the protection of his brother. Thus, Lumba rakhis wish all the good health and fortune for the bhabhis too.

Explore the website to discover more than 1,000 types of rakhis at Gujarat Gifts.


How to communicate through Gifts for Rakhi 2013?

What is more sacred than the chaste relationship of a brother and a sister! Growing up together, they fight and cry, care and adore, stand up for each other and get each other into problems, look for their own space and look out for each other – brothers and sisters are inseparable. Gujarat Gifts nderstands these emotions quite well and hence, has come up with gift options that help you communicate them well to your brother and sister in India.

Here are some of the suggestions from Rakhi 2013 collection with witty messages that you can send as Rakhi Gifts to India:

A cosmetic kit just perfect for a sister or a brother who hogs the mirror all the time. While the cosmetic Rakhi packages at Gujarat Gifts are all branded, you can add the fun element by saying, “Let the magic of these beauty products work on you, witch!” Do find some good places to hide when you meet your sister next time.

On a more serious note, these cosmetics are high-quality products and will actually help your sister glow.

A cute teddy for a little sister says how much you care for her. It will also help your school-going sister to sleep better while cuddling the softie. You can attach the message, “Your big brother will always be there for you. Be light and bright forever.”

For a sister who sleeps a bit too much, a pillow is a perfect Raksha Bandhan Gifts. And you can get it Personalized Rakhi Gifts to India too. You can add a good photo of you and your sister with simply ‘For my sweet sister, <Your Name>’ or you can Google for the photo of a screaming man and add the text – ‘Help! Get this lazy one out of here!’

Only you know what works best for you.

If you are having doubts about what or how to send Gifts for Rakhi to India, you can email id at for a prompt and free gift consultancy.


Top 5 Rakhi Gifts you can send to your brother this year

When you Send Rakhi Gifts to India, it is not the gift but the thought that goes in choosing that gift that should be the focus of the tradition. We bring you Top 5 Rakhi Gifts that sisters often send to their brothers in India:

  • Gentleman’s Hamper: If your brother is a professor or at a reputable designation or seems like a perfect gentleman at all times, the Gentleman’s hamper will be a perfect gift for him. The hamper includes five Ferrero Rocher chocolates, two Parker pens to grace his desk, and two rakhis.
  • Auspicious Car Stands: Om Ganesha car stand and Balaji car stand available at Gujarat Gifts are gold-plated and decorated with American diamonds. They are just perfect for brothers who have bought new cars. Hopefully, your prayers and the divine blessings of the deities will always keep your brother and his family safe while traveling.
  • Gifts that evoke blessings of Goddess Lakshmi: Businessmen and dealers instantly fall in love with anything that grants them wealth and prosperity. So, if your brother is one, you can choose to send Luck & Delight gift hamper, Tremendous Delight gift hamper, and Exclusive Rakhi Hamper as online gifts for Rakhi to India. These hampers include yantras that evoke the pleasure of Lakshmi ji – the goddess of wealth and prosperity.
  • Gift for metro sexual bro: If your brother is too much into good looks and grooming, is a teenager, or a metro sexual, you can send him Complete rakhi gift hamper. It includes Lakme Total Care pack and a pen stand.
  • Perfect Hamper for all brothers: Sometimes it is difficult to decide what gift would be suitable for your brother. In such a case, such Raksha Bandhan Gifts to India are perfect answers to your dilemmas. Ganesha and Lakshmi idols represent good fortune and wisdom for your brother and the assorted dry fruit pack has an ethnic appeal that continues to charm Indians.

All these Rakhi gifts include fancy rakhis, a free greeting card, and a free handcrafted tikka for your brother with roli, chaawal, and an auspicious kodi.


Online Birthday Gifts to India: The Smarter Alternative to Traditional Shopping

Want to Send Birthday Gifts to India but don’t know how? You’re in the right place! The internet is the place to be in these days for any kind of shopping whatsoever. Online Birthday Gifts or fresh flowers or chocolate boxes, whatever one desires to present to another person can be found online these days. It is, however, important to choose the right gifts portal if you want to have a quality experience.

A quality gifts portal not only features good quality of gift items but also has a rich variety of such items to suit different people’s tastes and different occasions. Besides the gift items that are featured on the portal, a good gifts portal is also safe and secure for online financial transactions such as credit card payment or net banking payment. Another important determinant for judging the quality of a Online Gifts to India is their speed of delivery of the order placed by any given customer. Do they deliver the ordered item within a reasonable timeframe with good packaging or do they send it to a wrong address first and then send it after a fortnight to the customer? Is the packaging of the item neat and impressive or is it tattered and down-market? These are some of the most important determinants that determine the reliability and quality of a gifts portal.

When you have found your choice, send Birthday Gifts India to your near and dear ones. Send gifts for Birthday, Anniversary or for any special occasion you want to celebrate to any part of India. Gujarat Gifts to send online Birthday Gifts to any part of India. Payment can be made through any Major credit card, Net banking or Mobile payment as per your convenience.


Valentine Gifts Online – Celebrate Conveniently!

A wallet, a handbag, a perfume, a watch, shirt or some jewellery items – there are plenty of Valentine Gifts Ideas one can choose from when one wishes to delight their loved ones. A Greeting card is a great accompaniment to the gift as it is beautifully designed and carries precious words of emotion inside.

Valentine’s Day is on 14th February as its day of celebration remains the same year after year. The day is celebrated in memory of Saint Valentine who sacrificed his life for the cause of love and marriages. In his time, the ruling king had banned people from getting married as he wanted the young men to become soldiers. He thought that men become unwilling to become soldiers after

Getting married and so he banned marriages. Saint Valentine considered this new law unjust and continued to get couples married in secret. He was caught and put behind bars and subsequently killed for breaking the law.

You can now Send Valentine Gifts to Indiain a matter of minutes from the convenience of your workplace or home through the internet. The availability of Valentine Gifts Online has made this earlier unthinkable option a reality. From Valentine Gifts to Valentine Flowers to cakes and teddy bears, you can shop to your heart’s content from good quality gifting portals which can help you send Valentine Gifts to India.


Visit: and choose from amongst an appealing collection of Gifts to India for Valentine Day. Payment can be made online with the help of a credit card, net banking or mobile payment facility on the website.

Celebrate the Day of Love with Valentine Gifts

Which is the one human emotion that makes a person an angel almost immediately? Which is the feeling that makes a person forego self-interest and do what is best for another? If you haven’t guessed it already, there is only one such feeling – Love. Poets, Writers, Movie-makers, Artists…Love is everyone’s favourite subject. The world is in love with the idea of Love. We can then imagine the popularity that a special occasion that is dedicated to the celebration of love would enjoy in the world.

Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to the celebration of romance and love is celebrated in many countries all over the world with great enthusiasm and spirit. It is one of the most popular special occasions and makes everyone feel happy. As Shakespeare writes in his popular work titled, Romeo and Juliet – ‘My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have , for both are infinite.’ Love is an emotion that not only makes the person who is loved feel wonderful, it also makes the person who loves feel on top of the world. No wonder everyone loves to fall in love and be loved as well.

Celebrate this wonderful day with your beloved by sending Valentine Gifts to India through reliable online gifting portals. No matter where you live or your beloved lives in India, you can Send Gifts to India for Valentine Day in this way. Valentine Gift Hampers are a superb gifting option since they combine a number of pleasing items like flowers, a greeting card, a special gift and the like in one hamper.

Visit: to Send Online Valentine Gifts to India in a secure and efficient fashion. Pay online through a credit card, net banking or mobile payment facility and make that special someone feel on top of the world!

2 reasons why people choose Gujarat Gifts to buy Gifts to India online

At Gujarat Gifts, we get all sorts of customers – brothers who want to send Rakhi gifts to their sisters in India, or sisters who want to congratulate their brothers on their success in the college-level cricket match with a personalized cricket memento 3D crystal cube. We get husbands looking for special something for their wives on anniversaries and sons who are looking for elegant Send Gifts to Indiafor Mother’s Day.

But our customer research survey shows that almost all of them have following two main expectations when they Buy Gifts to India Online:

1.) High-quality gifts at competitive prices: We have become too busy these days to explore different markets, check out hundreds of shops, and net the best deals on the market. A reliable online gift portal from India should be able to offer a wide range of popular gifts in India at competitive prices, comparable to the cost of an item in the local markets.

We are glad to say that Gujarat Gifts employs category managers to keep an eye on latest gifting trends in India and add latest entrants in the market to their respective categories. They are also the ones to think of how relevant certain gifts would be for a particular receiver. So, if you are unsure what gifts would be ideal for Rakhi, Birthday Gifts, or Diwali, or gifts for mom, dad, or your loved one, just surf suitable categories for some good ideas.

To provide gifs to India at reasonable prices, we network with local vendors with good reputation and source our gift items from them. This is how, we are able to offer you a ‘free shipping’ facility and offer you gifts hampers to India at very reasonable prices.

2.) Time-bound delivery of gifts: We have been lucky to keep 90% of our clientele happy with offering high-quality gifts in time. Returning customers and customers acquired through word-of-mouth publicity (including social networking references) make a large part of our customer statistics. Besides, many of our customers stuck with us after they were disappointed by other gift portals that delayed their gift deliveries to India by several days. In some cases, the flowers they had sent to India wilted on the way and sweets were spoiled.

Gujarat Gifts takes special care to avoid such debacles. It promises to same-day delivery of flowers and cakes to over 250 cities in India, because they can get spoilt within a few hours. In other cases, it recommends to send sweets to India only at small distances. Sourcing gift items from local reputable vendors across India, we manage to deliver gifts in time, irrespective of weather, road or political conditions of any place in India.

We cover our blind spots too, though we recommend you to send non-perishable items only to such remote locations in India. In such situations, we use Blue Dart Courier Services – India’s 1 courier service provider which usually takes 2-3 days to deliver a gift. For areas not covered by Blue Dart, we use Indian Speed Post services, which usually take 5-6 days of delivering a gift. We are committed to deliver your Gifts to India in the least possible time.

Do write to us to tell what you expect from a gift shop online and we will try to weave that into our business model soon.