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Back to School Gifts suggestions at

Back to School Gifts IndiaMay and June are a much awaited period for school-going kids in India, as these months stand for summer vacations. This period is keenly awaited even by the parents, for it is the time, when families plan their annual vacation.

As May ends, kids and parents in many states gear up for the school re-opening date, which seems all too close! For kids, it means a return to books and summer assignments, while for parents, it is the time to plan for buying new uniforms and school essentials.

We, at believe, this is the perfect time to help out and show your love and caring by sending some thoughtful back to school gifts to your loved ones back home in India. With that objective, we present our list of top 5 items which are sure to be appreciated and cherished this summer!

1. School Bags: Kids do get bored with carrying the same school bag for years on end. With parents, reluctant at times to get a new one, if the old one is in perfect working order, gifting a school bag is a sure-shot way to light up the little one, and help her go back to school in style. You can check out some range of school bags here:

2. Stationery Items: There are very few items which evoke a fascination for school going kids like the humble stationery item. Any back to school season cannot be complete without new items like pencil boxes, coloring kits, geometry boxes, and sharpeners. You can be sure that your gift of love will find its place of pride amidst things to be flaunted by the kid. See some of these at

3. Water Bottles: The range of water bottles available today are a far cry from what the older generation remembers from our days in school : today, water bottles are colorful, and employ a wide range of popular characters like Spiderman, Superman, Ben 10, and cute cartoons. These are both functional and fun to carry, and make for great gifts! You can see some of them at

4. Lunch Boxes: The set of stuff to buy for school is not complete without an attractive lunch box, to go with the other cool stuff. Gone are the days of steel multi-box tiffins; as plastic lunch boxes in a variety of colors and motifs rule the school! These are multi-compartment, keeping in mind the portions and quantity appropriate for school going kids. You can see our range of lunch boxes at

5. Sports & Hobbies: School cannot be all work and no play, and what better gift than an item which is sure to exercise the non-academic talents of the young child. To that end, some great gifts are coloring kits ( and sports equipments ( One can even give encouragement to the musical talents (discovered or undiscovered!) of the child by gifting a musical instrument (

We hope this short guide was useful for you in choosing a fabulous back to school gift for the young one back in India. If you have any suggestions, please do let us know!

Mother’s Day online gifting trends in India at

Mother's Day GiftsMother’s day this year is on Sunday, the 11th of May, and online shopping for gifts is on, in full swing, with 3 days to go for the event! As we have been handling the event for almost 17 years now, we thought it might be fun to take a peek, and share interesting details of what people are buying this year for their mom and other interesting trends vis-à-vis Mother’s day.

While are still accepting Mothers’ day gifts orders for 3 days, we crunched the numbers for the sales so far, and here are our findings!

1)      Most loved gifts for mom: Unsurprisingly, the number 1 gift for mothers is Flowers. However, most people bought flower hampers in combination with cakes, chocolates, and dry fruits in that order. Most shoppers, being well versed with online gifting opted for ready-made hampers, instead of buying gifts ala-carte, thus saving a tidy sum in the process!

Galloping ahead of regulars, Personalized Gifts surprisingly had a strong surge in sales this year, indicating a growing preference to customize one’s gifts with photos, text and custom messages

Sarees, Accessories, Perfumes and Jewellery are a staple feature, and these categories did well, after the above categories. Home appliances, Kitchen appliances and silver gifts rounded-out the pecking order.

2)      Average Spends: Surprisingly, the average order value of Mother’s day gifts exceeds that of Valentine’s Day, which shows that shoppers do ensure that their mom feels as special as their spouse, on special occasions. Our breakup is as follows (rounded figures):

Upto $ 20                                22%
From $ 21 to $ 30                    37%
From $ 31 to $ 40                    28%
From $ 40 to $ 60                    8%
Above $ 60                              5%

Above $ 100 (included above)                          2%

3)      Age & Gender:  54% of shoppers were male, as compared to 46% females. The age breakup of our Mother’s day shoppers was:

18-24               27%
25-34               34%
35-44               15%
45-54               12%
55+                  12%

The age breakup does reveal the trend that even shoppers aged above 50 take care to wish their elderly parents back home on Mother’s day. This is a heartening trend and talks volumes about the Indian culture and the bonds of love across continents.

4)      Top 10 Shopper Locations:  These follow a usual trend, and our shoppers are from the major metros worldwide. The ranking order by country is:

United States
Bahamas (!)
South Africa
New Zealand

This data reveals the trend that Indian shoppers within India have taken to online gifting in a major way, thus putting India at the # 3 spot, and giving many other countries a run for their money. This just goes to underscore the fact that Internet users in India are warming up to the convenience and cost effectiveness of online gifting, which has been mainstream in other countries for many years.

5) Top 5 Indian States: The top locations within India contributing to sales are:

Madhya Pradesh

We hope you had fun glancing through these interesting numbers! We are still accepting orders for Mother’s day for the next 3 days, and will be sure to update these, if trends change significantly after the occasion. Wishing all patrons, and their moms, a very Happy Mother’s day 2014!

Our Mother’s day special is at:

Tips for giving gifts on Roka / Engagement / Weddings in India

Wedding GiftsIf we think of the one thing India is obsessed with; leaving cricket and film stars out, one would surely come up with Indian Weddings as the evergreen topic of interest. It is said to be the one recession-proof industry, which simultaneously provides jobs, brings about family reunions and gives an endless array of topics of conversations (and gossip!)

The one peculiar aspect of Indian culture is that we make Indian Weddings a multi-day (or week) event, and end up turning up on the weddings of even distant cousins, irrespective of work schedules and distances. Every aspect of the occasion, right from clothes, venues, stage-sets, and yes honeymoon destinations of the would-be couples is sliced, diced and benchmarked, to be referred to for posterity.

No wonder then, that giving a gift on the occasion of a wedding, engagement, roka or anniversary is no task for the faint of heart! If you have to do this remotely, using the services of an online gifting company, then be warned – your task ahead is tougher still. We, at Gujarat Gifts, would like to share some tips to help you make this gifting occasion a pleasant one!

    • Know the personality of the Bride & Groom: Chances are, you know only one side of the family, and the bride / groom to be is a big fill-in-the-blank for you. If you want the gift to be a memorable one, and stand out from the heap, you need to invest time in understanding the other person. Without advocating stalking, you may want to check out the person’s social media profile (google plus, facebook, linkedin), whether (s)he is working or not and what the background is. This will help you decide whether you want to go sophisticated or desi, practical or dreamy, and your gift will be appreciated that much better!
    • Avoid Risqué Gifts: Yes, we know bachelor / hen parties are quite the rage abroad, but are you really sure, the as-yet-unknown groom will appreciate that hilarious gag “T-Shirt”? You also have to contend with the possibility of your gift being received by another member of the family, inviting considerable embarrassment on the part of your acquaintance.
    • Personalize it: Most gifting companies allow you to send a free greeting card along with your gift. Make use of that, and pen a nice memorable message for the couple-to-be. Chances are, that’s the gift that they will keep, and look at, years down the line. If you have good photos of the couple, you can even choose from a wide range of personalized gifts, which are sure to be a hit.
    • Avoid Cash / Cheque: Yes, it’s a pretty practical solution to just give money to the newly-weds, but we strongly advocate against it. Unless you are related to the recipients very closely, giving money has a high chance of coming across as crass and thoughtless. If you really must, then a better option is to give commemorative gifts like gold coins, jewellery, which are near-cash, yet much more tasteful, as a gift.
    • When all fails…: If you don’t have the time, energy or the closeness to the recipient that justifies a fine-tuned effort, it might be better to stick to the traditional and opt for flowers, along with classy chocolates. Be sure to research what each type of flower means, and choose accordingly. We have some fun details on that at

So there you have it – we hope you enjoyed our tips to help you make the most of gifting on weddings, and related occasions. If you have any suggestions, do let us know!

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How Mother’s Day has been adopted and localized by Indians!

Being an Indian gifting site does give us certain advantages – we get to see celebrations of both Indian as well as overseas holidays! After all, our roots are always grounded in India, but as we travel and work in foreign countries, we do end up assimilating the local customs there.

Mother’s day is one such curious phenomenon – If you had happened to visit a gift or a card shop about 15-20 years back in India around the second sunday of May, you would have seen no signs of a festival dedicated to mothers! It was simply unheard of in India – Valentine’s Day: Yes, Mother’s Day: what’s that?!

However, 1991 came, and brought along an opening up of our economy, which led to the inevitable movement of professionals abroad, in search of greener pastures. These people quickly took to the local holidays in US and UK, and added these to their holiday list. The 2nd generation kids of the emigrants grew up steeped in these festivals, occasionally wondering why their cousins in India had never heard of such festivals!

Some of these families, when they moved back to India ended up importing these festivals, in addition to exotic celebrations like Halloween!

Thus was born the concept of Mother’s Day celebrations in India. In fact, our country ends up celebrating two versions of this occasion, though the second one is more widely known:

i)   Mothering Day: A holiday originating from UK, and celebrated in March (30th March in 2014)

ii)  Mother’s Day: The US and International version, celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May (11th May 2014 this year)

The concept does make sense – After all, if you have a day to celebrate your love for your soul mate, shouldn’t there be another dedicated to the other important woman of your life? However, we being Indians, have ended up making Mother’s day celebrations a pretty desi affair. Here’s how the occasion is celebrated in India these days:

  • The bandwagon is led inevitably by retailers, both online and offline, looking for another occasion to sell us more cards, electronics, jewellery, along with flowers, cakes and perfumes.
  • It’s common to see offers in our email boxes as well as in newspapers, reminding us of the need to express our love for our mom “on her special day!” (and here we thought every mom’s special day was simply the day when her child got married!)
  • Many youngsters, loaded with some guilt on not spending enough time with their parents, do make it a point to take their mom (or parents) out for movies and dinner on this day. Some daughters do make this a shopping-day-out-for-the-girls.
  • Spa companies, perhaps looking for an alternate customer base, do make it a point to persuade you to let them pamper your mom on that day, often with steep discounts.

Mom’s being moms are typically more vocal in gently dissuading their children from buying them expensive stuff. However, if you buy her something on this day, you can rest assured that the afterglow of that act will be remembered for years, just because she won’t be expecting a gift from you.

Stay tuned, as we bring you more updates on this festival, along with some unusual gifting ideas for Indian mothers. Mother’s day is next month, on Sunday, the 11th of May 2014.

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Birthday Gifting & Celebrations – keeping step with the modern India!

For decades, a birthday celebration in the family was a fairly well-established process – someone was given the task of ordering a cake, rounding up some candles, order in some samosas or namkeen, and get out those disposable plates to serve it all in!

The birthday boy (or girl) could expect to receive some gifts, wrapped in gaudy cellophane paper, embarrassedly handed over by friends and relatives (after all, we were not really used to gift-giving!). Relatives in other cities would mail in some cash or clothes, accompanied by greeting cards with an armload of graffiti.

However, with the rise of corporate culture in India, exposure to the western way of living, and trips abroad; this well-established rigmarole seems to have undergone a dramatic change in last few years. So here’s what’s changed, when one compares current Birthday Celebrations with that of even a decade back:

a) Cakes: The Indian palate has moved on beyond the ever-popular black forest or the chocolate variants, which had adorned the Birthday table for decades on end. Now we demand (and get!) an infinite array of goodies like Truffles, theme based cakes, photo-printed cakes, and even a range of delectable cupcakes! Truly, presentation and elaboration has taken center stage, when it comes to the humble Birthday Cake.

b) Greeting Cards: The Birthday card, a cornerstone of celebrations, has now become somewhat of a novelty for many of us. In the age of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we unfortunately lose out on the nostalgia aspect of old preserved greeting cards, collected over many years. Here’s where the discerning gift-giver can actually take efforts to send her message on a greeting card, and stand out from the jumble of e-greetings.

c) Snacks: Well, samosas and namkeen are so passé – we now tend to order in, from our favourite pizza chain, or the friendly neighborhood food joint! Some of us have even started opting for catering services from the latest restaurants, depending on the scale of celebrations.

d) Venue: For college age kids and the yuppies, the birthday venue has moved on from the drawing room of the home to the hippest pub or discotheque. After all, someone’s got to capture the perfect shot for our social networking friends!

It’s clear that Birthdays are no longer a simple home-affair, in part due to our need to do a “keeping-up-with-the-Jones”, made all the easier thanks to social networking.

Online Gifting has given wings to this need, helping people send birthday gifts in the span of a few hours, with no physical shopping, gift wrapping or mailing – one can expect to send even elaborate cakes and goodies online from any corner of the world.

Detractors do point out that such finger-tip conveniences take away from the care and personalization in doing things the old way; but there is no doubt that this helps keep relationships fresh, when there is a physical distance between friends or loved ones.

So the next time when your favorite social networking site reminds you of an important upcoming birthday, and you choose to send online gifts; do remember to put in a lot of attention in making your gifts and messages as personalized as possible, and enjoy the best of both worlds!

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Gifting on a shoestring budget – a guide!

All of us love to occasionally go all out and splurge for our loved ones, with a “money-is-no-object” attitude. However, there are times, when one wants to simply enjoy the pleasures of gift-giving, without putting too much strain on the wallet! The problem is that one needs to get appreciation for all the effort, without secretly getting labeled as stingy!

For all these times and more, we, at come to your rescue. We have put together the following guide to help you navigate the tricky waters of budget-gift giving! All suggestions below will cost you a mere Rs. 500 (around Eight dollars). What’s even better is that these ideas have Free Shipping, plus they come with a Free Greeting Card, so you can lend just the perfect words to your gift!

a)  For the Husband / Wife: A clock personalized with a photo of the two of you, with a wooden stand, is sure to reduce your significant other to mush! You even get to write a few words to be inscribed on the clock. Price: A mere Rs. 485 / $ 7.95. So go ahead and make his / her day, and wow your significant other with your thoughtfulness.

b) For the Fiancee / Girlfriend / Boyfriend: We suggest a 7 day pack of fine Belgian chocolates, to shower them with sweetness on all days of the week. Before you worry too much about the price, let us tell you that this gift costs just Rs. 425 / $ 6.97. If you are feeling adventurous, you can choose a beautiful love-birds piece, which is vaastu-friendly too, at a mere Rs. 356 / $ 5.98!

c) For Parents: An oxidized metal hexagonal pen stand is sure to find a place of pride on the desk of your father. And at just Rs. 365 / $ 5.98, it’s pretty economical too. For mom, you can select a box of sonpapdi, which is just Rs. 335 / $ 5.49 as a way of appreciating her sweet nature and goodness.

d) For Kids: Give them a rubik’s cube, we say, and keep them busy and entertained for days! Available for just Rs. 485 / $ 7.95 at . Another good option is a cuddly soft brown teddy at just Rs. 455 / $ 7.46 at

e) All Others: Even if you need to get a gift for your boss, neighbor, friend, or that lovable co-worker; we have just the things, despite the tight budget.

  1. Our 12 Red Roses bouquet is currently at just Rs. 475 / $ 7.79 inclusive of all charges, and delivery available all India. Find it at : 
  2. A sweet surprise can be gifted for just Rs. 365 / $ 5.98 – we are talking about the ever popular combo of 2 Dairy Milk Chocolates and 2 Fruit & Nut Chocolates. This is one heck of a sweet surprise for sure! Available at : 
  3. An elegant wooden 2 tone roller pen with the name hand-inscribed may be just the thing to cover all occasions and recipients. And at just Rs. 395 / $ 6.48 inclusive of all charges, it may be just the perfect steal. Find it at :

So there you have it. Who says gifting ain’t cheap? We hope you enjoyed our suggestions, and look forward to serving you soon!

Are Chocolates the new Mithai for Indians?

Chocolates vs Mithai

We Indians are well known for our sweet tooth – after all, we do love to gorge on mithai, citing one excuse or another! We need our sweet fix on all festive occasions, celebrations, and even the humble dinner as dessert. No wonder we are a nation of almost 50 million diabetics, in part due to our fascination with anything sweet.

On the positive side though, our range of mithai can give a run for the money to the best dessert and pastry chefs in the world – each state and region contributes to the ever growing list of these delicacies, loaded with sugar, ghee and a little bit of magic!

However, as the younger generation grows more health-conscious, there is a realization that the unabated hunger for mithai does lead to expanding waistlines and worse, if abused, given their rich ingredients. Chocolate companies in India and overseas have quietly picked up on this small but growing need, and are now marketing their products as a substitute for the firmly entrenched mithai. Here’s what we, at Gujarat Gifts feel about the chocolate vs mithai debate:

1)      Standardization: Popular chocolate brands by companies like Cadbury or Ferrero Rocher give a fairly consistent taste over the years, something which even the best mithai shops in India struggle to do, especially during peak occasions. So buying a pack of chocolates doesn’t quite need the skills needed to hunt for just the perfect sandesh!
Advantage : Chocolates

2)      Flavors & Texture: There’s no denying the fact that Chocolates come in a wide range of flavors – bitter, sweet, fruit-filled and lots more. However, when it comes to the sheer range of aromas, texture and flavors, mithai is simply too hard to beat – just walk into any decent mithai shop, and prepare to get dazzled by the visual and olfactory delight! This is on top of the heavenly taste which leaves you wanting ‘one more’.
Advantage : Mithai

3)      Diet friendly: While mithai shops have bucked to the trend, and started offering low-sugar, or sugerfree mithai, giving some relief to the dieters and diabetics; chocolates have the huge advantage of giving exact nutritional information on the packaging, allowing the consumer to see the exact ingredients, as well as calories, fat content, carbohydrates and more. There’s no denying that while there are chocolates loaded with calories, the mandatory nutrition label does allow the discerning consumer to know exactly what she is consuming. While some pre-packaged mithai offer these attributes now, the majority of mithai sold by the kilo cannot match this convenience.
Advantage : Chocolates

4)      Cultural Significance: Mithai is deeply embedded in the Indian culture and ethos, and is a must for important milestones like weddings, promotions, festive celebrations and more. Moreover, there is a certain romance in traveling to different corners of the country, and experiencing the cultural difference by consuming the local sweets made there; or getting a box for people back home. This aspect cannot be matched by the Chocolates produced in gleaming factories, and available wherever one might be.
Advantage : Mithai

So there you have it – it seems to be a draw between these two favorites! While chocolatiers make a strong case for substituting mithai with their products, the ever popular mithai continues to hold onto its glory. Why choose when you can have both, we say, and leave the final decision to you. Check both these out, and decide for yourself!



Bon Appetit! relaunches with user-friendly interface!

Dear Visitor

We are deeply grateful to you, our esteemed patrons, both new and old. Gujarat Gifts exists based on your support, all the way from 1998, when we were operating this service via phones and emails.

To enable our site to handle the next phase of growth, and to keep up with the needs of our patrons, we have relaunched our site and services early this year, after careful user feedback and testing. Here’s what’s changed with the latest update:

1)      Cleaner, wider site with more products and information: A large majority of our customers now browse Gujarat Gifts from devices with ever higher resolutions, when browsing from non-mobile devices. Thus, we have increased the horizontal size of our website to 1025 pixels, and thereby accommodate more products and information per screen.

New Homepage vs Old Homepage

New Hompage


Old Homepage2)      Quick View Feature: You can now view and buy products directly from the category pages, without the need to go into product-level pages, thereby reducing the need to jump back and forth. However, if you need to, product pages are available, with the full set of details

Quick View Feature

3)      Better Top-Navigation Menu: The new drop-down menu now allows you to directly access categories even 2-levels-deep directly from one spot, without cluttering your navigation.

New Top Navigation

New Top Navigation

Contextual Left Menu navigation: Once you are in a category, there is now a handy left navigation, which shows the current category and its subcategories. With this, one can easily browse for options without referring back and forth.

5)      Facebook 1-Click Login: In addition to “Guest” checkout, we now offer a facebook 1-Click Login, so you can checkout without the hassles of creating an account or entering your email ID. We have ensured that if you already have an account setup (during your previous purchases), you can still go ahead and use the FB Login – both sets of logins would continue to work, even if the email ID is the same! Coming soon : Login via Google Account.

6) Better Category and Product Pages : These now show bigger product images in an uncluttered easy-to-browse manner. You can choose from a wide range of sorting options, and choose how many products you want to view per page, in list or grid fashion.

New vs Old category & product pages

 New Category Page   

New Product Page

Old Category Page

Old Product Page

7) More Product Filters: We wanted to put product-filters which helped the visitor find what she is looking for quickly; rather than cookie-cutter sitewide options. So we now have “Shapes” as a filter in Cakes, “Brand” as a filter in Chocolates and more.

These are in addition to a number of under-the-hood changes, which should help us serve you better and more efficiently. We will of-course continue to add newer products and categories to meet and exceed our customer expectations.

Please feel free to email us at for your valuable feedback and suggestions. If you need any assistance, you can touch base with us at our Customer Support page.

Warm Regards
Team Gujarat Gifts

5 Tips to choose a website for sending Rakhi Gifts

Raksha Bandhan is on 21st August this year, and for Indians living abroad, the occasion does present a challenge on how one can celebrate the occasion, despite living at a distance from one’s sibling. Here’s where Internet comes as a great savior and allows them to send Rakhi Gifts quickly and conveniently through online portals.

In recent years, a large number of such portals have sprung into existence, with many opening and closing shop each year. With attractive design and a professional look easy to achieve, the customer is left confused on how to choose a good website to send Rakhi. We present some pointers to help the first time buyers as well as those who are undecided.

Tip # 5 : Years in Service

Do check on how many years the service has been around. If a website has been around for quite some time, you can be assured that they must be doing something right, to allow them to survive in the marketplace littered with fly-by-night operators. They also have a long term reputation to protect, so they have a better incentive to give the best deal and service to customers.

Tip # 4 : Testimonials

Do check if the website has customer testimonials prominently displayed. Another aspect is to check the frequency and the natural-ness of the testimonials, as some services actually go as far as to display self-engineered words of praise!


Tip # 3 : Online Reviews

This one is a double edged sword. Online reviews tend to be negatively-biased, as certain studies show that consumers with a negative experience are 10 times more likely to complain in online reviews as compared to customers with a positive experience. That is to say, online reviews on their own present a narrow view of the true feedback. However, they do have value, specially if one compares feedback across websites to see which has a higher percentage of complaints.


Tip # 2 : Social Media

Always check the Facebook and or the Twitter page of the service to see how the company is engaging with it’s customers and fan-base, as well as what the customers are saying about the service. Caveat Emptor : Not every service with a large “Like” base is trustworthy and not every service with limited Social Media presence sucks – the latter just may be a bit low tech, which is not to say they don’t have great service! You have to take a judgement call on your own, and not just a simple formula of “More Likes = Better Service”!


Tip # 1 : Prices, Partner and Payment Options

This one is really an eye-opener! Do check if the Prices displayed are rational or are too-good-to-be-true! Very low prices sometimes are an indicator that the service may not ship at all, or may resort to the classic  bait-and-switch philosophy.

Another aspect to check is the kind of Partners the service chooses. Good reliable logistics partners, fulfillment partners etc with logos displayed clearly indicates that the service means business, and will deliver on its customer promise.

Lastly, but very critically, do check the Payment Options available on the website, and the checkout partner. Most e-commerce players provide checkout on external payment gateway services (like Paypal, CCAvenue, EBS etc). If they have such known payment gateway provider, you should be reassured on multiple counts : Not only are you assured that your credit card / banking details will not be misused (as such services typically do not provide your payment details even to the e-commerce website owners), but you know that there is an impartial 3rd party involved in the transaction.

So there you are! Team Gujarat Gifts provides you the above tips to help you choose wisely this Rakhi season. We also invite you to visit our Raksha Bandhan special at:



Will your brother wait for your Rakhi this year?

The bond of a sister and a brother is so pure, so tender and so beautiful. As children, boys who have no sisters yearn for someone who would tie rakhi on their empty wrists while girls with no brothers pray for someone to whom they can tie a Rakhi. But as we grow up, the bonds loosen up.

We get so engrossed in work, marital duties, and raising kids that we neglect to stoke the stove of family relationships to keep it warm. Consequently, the warmth cools down with time and we grow distant from ones we love the most. Festivals like Raksha Bandhan are like reminders to us to keep the fire burning. It is an occasion to take out sometime to visit our past and make special efforts to keep the bonds strong and unbreakable. Online Rakhiorders might seem like impersonal to you but they offer you an easy way of expressing that even though you may be across seven oceans, your heart is always near your brother and his family.

Leaving your hometown and moving to another city or country does not mean that you have to leave behind all those who you love too. You can always carry them in your heart. Just let them know that you are thinking about them from time to time. When you send rakhi to India, you are telling your brother that you pray for his well-being and long life and the special rakhi you send for your bhabhi tells her that you love and respect her too and accept her as inseparable from your brother.

So book your Rakhi order now at Gujarat Gifts and gift a smile to your brother this year!