How to choose Birthday Gifts by Relationship?

How to Choose by RelationshipBirthdays are truly a once in a year affair! Great birthday gifts are highly individualistic – ones that seem to have been picked up just for the person they are meant for. We realise that it can be a surprisingly difficult to pick one up. So, here are some great tips for you to order a birthday gift that will be cherished by the recipient for years to come:

Birthday Gift Tips for Spouse

The fact is that after marriage, you tend to become more practical. So, if you pick up a wrong dress size for your wife or chocolates for husband who is trying to lose weight, you will not hear the end of it. Dig a bit into your spouse’s personality to know his or her tastes and preferences. Fresh flowers for die-hard romantics, cool gadgets for the nerds, and a bottle of red wine to soothe nerves of workaholics can be some good birthday present ideas. Remember, household appliances do not count as birthday gifts when it comes to spouses!

Birthday Gift Tips for Children

Almost every parent has stories of onslaught of forgettable birthday gifts that their kids’ birthday parties leave behind. Kids love gifts that can engage them. Three questions can help you filter birthday gifts for kids –
1) Are they good for children? (like creativity toys and books)
2) Do they match their hobbies or interests? (like sketch pens for artists and science kits for the experimentalists), and
3) Will they last beyond their age and interests? (like pet-care items or non-perishable playthings that can be donated later).

Birthday Gift Tips for Boss or Seniors

The dilemma of choosing a birthday gift for your boss or a colleagues is that you want to order them a special present but still not make it too personal or expensive. You don’t want to look too stingy in their eyes and yet, you don’t want them to read too much into a gift with an exorbitant price. You also probably don’t know what the person might already have. Items to commemorate good times at work and successes of the team are perhaps the safest and best birthday gifts for your workmates.

Birthday Gift Tips for Best Buddies

Best friends, whether they of same sex or opposite sex, are ones you know inside out. Naturally, you would want a gift that will warm them up (but not make them go all lovey-dovey). Sneak around your friends’ house to get a good idea of what they might like as birthday gifts. Light-hearted and humorous gifts such as T-shirts with funny slogans, personalized gifts (such as a photo frame with a memorable picture-perfect moment you both shared) to a prank gift – Gujarat Gifts offers you some excellent gift choices for your chums.

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