relaunches with user-friendly interface!

Dear Visitor

We are deeply grateful to you, our esteemed patrons, both new and old. Gujarat Gifts exists based on your support, all the way from 1998, when we were operating this service via phones and emails.

To enable our site to handle the next phase of growth, and to keep up with the needs of our patrons, we have relaunched our site and services early this year, after careful user feedback and testing. Here’s what’s changed with the latest update:

1)      Cleaner, wider site with more products and information: A large majority of our customers now browse Gujarat Gifts from devices with ever higher resolutions, when browsing from non-mobile devices. Thus, we have increased the horizontal size of our website to 1025 pixels, and thereby accommodate more products and information per screen.

New Homepage vs Old Homepage

New Hompage


Old Homepage2)      Quick View Feature: You can now view and buy products directly from the category pages, without the need to go into product-level pages, thereby reducing the need to jump back and forth. However, if you need to, product pages are available, with the full set of details

Quick View Feature

3)      Better Top-Navigation Menu: The new drop-down menu now allows you to directly access categories even 2-levels-deep directly from one spot, without cluttering your navigation.

New Top Navigation

New Top Navigation

Contextual Left Menu navigation: Once you are in a category, there is now a handy left navigation, which shows the current category and its subcategories. With this, one can easily browse for options without referring back and forth.

5)      Facebook 1-Click Login: In addition to “Guest” checkout, we now offer a facebook 1-Click Login, so you can checkout without the hassles of creating an account or entering your email ID. We have ensured that if you already have an account setup (during your previous purchases), you can still go ahead and use the FB Login – both sets of logins would continue to work, even if the email ID is the same! Coming soon : Login via Google Account.

6) Better Category and Product Pages : These now show bigger product images in an uncluttered easy-to-browse manner. You can choose from a wide range of sorting options, and choose how many products you want to view per page, in list or grid fashion.

New vs Old category & product pages

 New Category Page   

New Product Page

Old Category Page

Old Product Page

7) More Product Filters: We wanted to put product-filters which helped the visitor find what she is looking for quickly; rather than cookie-cutter sitewide options. So we now have “Shapes” as a filter in Cakes, “Brand” as a filter in Chocolates and more.

These are in addition to a number of under-the-hood changes, which should help us serve you better and more efficiently. We will of-course continue to add newer products and categories to meet and exceed our customer expectations.

Please feel free to email us at for your valuable feedback and suggestions. If you need any assistance, you can touch base with us at our Customer Support page.

Warm Regards
Team Gujarat Gifts

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