5 Tips to choose a website for sending Rakhi Gifts

Raksha Bandhan is on 21st August this year, and for Indians living abroad, the occasion does present a challenge on how one can celebrate the occasion, despite living at a distance from one’s sibling. Here’s where Internet comes as a great savior and allows them to send Rakhi Gifts quickly and conveniently through online portals.

In recent years, a large number of such portals have sprung into existence, with many opening and closing shop each year. With attractive design and a professional look easy to achieve, the customer is left confused on how to choose a good website to send Rakhi. We present some pointers to help the first time buyers as well as those who are undecided.

Tip # 5 : Years in Service

Do check on how many years the service has been around. If a website has been around for quite some time, you can be assured that they must be doing something right, to allow them to survive in the marketplace littered with fly-by-night operators. They also have a long term reputation to protect, so they have a better incentive to give the best deal and service to customers.

Tip # 4 : Testimonials

Do check if the website has customer testimonials prominently displayed. Another aspect is to check the frequency and the natural-ness of the testimonials, as some services actually go as far as to display self-engineered words of praise!


Tip # 3 : Online Reviews

This one is a double edged sword. Online reviews tend to be negatively-biased, as certain studies show that consumers with a negative experience are 10 times more likely to complain in online reviews as compared to customers with a positive experience. That is to say, online reviews on their own present a narrow view of the true feedback. However, they do have value, specially if one compares feedback across websites to see which has a higher percentage of complaints.


Tip # 2 : Social Media

Always check the Facebook and or the Twitter page of the service to see how the company is engaging with it’s customers and fan-base, as well as what the customers are saying about the service. Caveat Emptor : Not every service with a large “Like” base is trustworthy and not every service with limited Social Media presence sucks – the latter just may be a bit low tech, which is not to say they don’t have great service! You have to take a judgement call on your own, and not just a simple formula of “More Likes = Better Service”!


Tip # 1 : Prices, Partner and Payment Options

This one is really an eye-opener! Do check if the Prices displayed are rational or are too-good-to-be-true! Very low prices sometimes are an indicator that the service may not ship at all, or may resort to the classic  bait-and-switch philosophy.

Another aspect to check is the kind of Partners the service chooses. Good reliable logistics partners, fulfillment partners etc with logos displayed clearly indicates that the service means business, and will deliver on its customer promise.

Lastly, but very critically, do check the Payment Options available on the website, and the checkout partner. Most e-commerce players provide checkout on external payment gateway services (like Paypal, CCAvenue, EBS etc). If they have such known payment gateway provider, you should be reassured on multiple counts : Not only are you assured that your credit card / banking details will not be misused (as such services typically do not provide your payment details even to the e-commerce website owners), but you know that there is an impartial 3rd party involved in the transaction.

So there you are! Team Gujarat Gifts provides you the above tips to help you choose wisely this Rakhi season. We also invite you to visit our Raksha Bandhan special at:

Visit: http://www.gujaratgifts.com/send-rakhi-to-india.html


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