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Tips to choose Valentine Gifts to Send Online in India

OH MY GOD! It’s valentine’s week! How does this day land up so fast on the calendar? Well, let’s be honest! This day comes every year on a particular date. Some of us prepare well in advance for it or really rush to the store nearby and find a “Perfect Valentine’s gift”.

While you may run to the nearby store to get your valentine a gift, you could exploit the internet with a plethora of Valentine’s gifting options online. Let’s take a look at some of the gifting options ideal for Valentine’s day.

Valentine Flowers


Now, one cannot deny the fact that the fragrance of a fresh rose can light up an entire room with its scent. How does one not gift flowers on Valentine’s? However lovely it may sound, a bunch of flowers on Valentine’s is sure to bring a blushy smile on your special someone’s face.

You could choose to give them a red rose flower bouquet or a rose chocolate combo online that delivers on the same day. Hence, even if you forget to buy your valentine’s gift, you could surely choose flowers as a token of love.

Valentine Cakes


According to biology a heart is the size of a human hand’s fist! But, don’t we all just know it as drawing two lines in an asymmetric manner with a red pen.

On valentine’s, heart shaped cakes are the most searched items online. And, why not? A heart is the symbol of love and cakes are the unsung heroes of winning the battle of hearts!

Gifting a chocolate heart shaped cake on Valentine’s assures you brownie points in case of your special someone. You can choose a Kitkat Heart Shaped cake online and choose to gift a bunch of red roses for your valentine.

You could also find a teddy bear with chocolate cake online and send it to your loved ones on the same day through instant delivery options.

Personalized Valentine Gifts


How often do you find a coffee mug with a photo in a supermarket? Personalized gifts have become a thing lately and we have surely looked into some really creative ideas.

Valentine’s day surely rings a bell for getting a customized gift for your love interest. A myriad variety of personalized gifting options are available online and one can find personalized photo-frame, heart shaped cushions with photos, golden rose with carvings, couple tee-shirts and lots more.

Personalized jigsaw puzzles, imported chocolates, rose & mug combo, and soft toys with flowers are some of most searched valentine’s day gifting options online.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Gifts for Him

How to confess that you like him? Would he accept your proposal or reject it? Well, you could give it a try by writing down a short letter to him. You could either tell him when he’s right in front of you or hide it in a chit and slip it into his bag.

However, if you want to impress him with your token of love for him, you could choose from a wide range of gifting options available online. Surprise him with his favorite perfume by sending it online with a secret message.

Or you could send him a watch with a specific time that would indicate the first time you met? Choose a delivery partner that delivers gifts on Valentine’s on the same day.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Gifts for Her

She loves me? She loves me not? She likes me? She likes me not? How to confess your undying love to your special someone? Well, be smart. Gifts are what makes a woman weak at her knees.

She cannot shy away from the obvious reactions when she receives a special gift from you. In the time of the internet, use your WiFi and explore Valentine’s gifting options online. You would find a mall of options to choose from to gift her on valentine’s day.

Try looking for a pendant with heart online for her. You can also scan for a beautiful clutch for her online and pair it up with a bunch of flowers to go with it.

Valentine Chocolates


While Charlie and the Chocolate Factory gave major make-believe goals to its audience, it also redefined the love of chocolates. Be it a man or woman, a boy or a girl, chocolates are a way of bringing a smile on someone’s face.

Valentine’s Day binds the aura with the eternal love there exists and to gift chocolates on Valentine’s is an icing-on-the-cake kinda phenomenon. Imported chocolates, hand-made chocolates, dark chocolates, milk chocolates, and so many other varieties are available in the market around Valentine’s week.

You can find websites that sell chocolates in India as well as abroad. Hence, if you are away from your special someone, in just one click, you can send a chocolate bouquet or chocolates teddy combo on Valentine’s Day to him or her online.

The beauty of valentine’s gifts is in the same day delivery thus, choose a site that delivers gifts on the same day as well.

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Gifts for Gujaratis – 5 ideas to impress your Gujju friends!

Picking a gift for your close friend or relatives is hard enough – the task becomes downright frustrating when you have to do it for someone from a culture you are not fully familiar with. Perhaps you have befriended a Gujarati friend lately, enjoyed the Gujju hospitality, or got engaged to a girl from a Gujarati family (congratulations!), and are now scouting around on a gift that will please them? We are here to help you avoid needless clichés, and pick a gift to impress!

Gifts for GujaratisGujarat and Gujarati culture has been in the limelight of late; thanks to umpteen Bollywood Movies, and prominent politicians from the state. However, understanding the essence of Gujju culture is still not an easy task! So, to do a great job in terms of gift-picking, here are some traits, which we definitely need to keep in mind:

  1. Business is in their blood – OK, you probably saw this coming, but what does it mean for gift giving? Say, you are marrying a Gujarati girl; an absolutely great gift might be a laptop (check that she doesn’t have one already). She’s probably already working for her father’s business, and you can drop hints that you support her starting a business of her own. A laptop ties in perfectly with that idea.

    A gift subscription to a Digital Marketing course, may be a non-obvious, but a very well appreciated gift too, for any Gujarati friend. It will help them tie their traditional business wisdom, with new age marketing tools in their business.

    If you want to keep it simple and low key, you can even gift them some office accessories, Ganesha idols, or a nice old-school fountain pen. This should go down very well for any business owner.

  2. The entire extended family is extremely connected – As you know, Gujaratis are extremely well bonded with not just their immediate relatives, but their extended family all over the world. Any gift, which reminds them of this bonding, will surely pluck their heartstrings, and bring a lump to their throat.

    So, you can pick some nice family pictures from their FB or GPlus profile, and get some lovely coffee mugs, personalized photo frames, or even a nice jigsaw puzzle created, and sent online. Trust us, these will be cherished for years to come.

    These days there are lots of services, which allow you to send such gifts online, with the convenience of click and deliver. In fact, we at also have this service, and it’s one of the most popular options for patrons. They can simply upload their choice of pics, and such personalized items can be directly delivered all over India (including interior areas of Gujarat)  in a few days, served by Courier or even Indian Post (for remote locations).

  3. They love their food – That Gujaratis are great foodies is no secret – you only have to search “Manek Chowk”, the famous night food market to get a sense of that! However, gifting Khakharas, Dhoklas or Gujju sweets to your friends in the state makes no sense! They probably know hole-in-the-wall outlets which serve far more scrumptious versions of any “high-brand” food item you can gift them.

    Our recommendation is to play to their sweet tooth, and gift them out of state items, which they probably may not have tried. So, say, famous Ghevar from North may be something they or many people in their families may not have tried, and they are bound to be a conversation starter at gatherings, or at the dinner table.

  4. They love to travel – Gujjus are fond of travelling, be it to nearby states, or to the far corners of the earth. You can play up to this trait by gifting them stuff like GPS Luggage Trackers, Travel Wallets, Compact Backpacks, or if you have the budget for it, a holiday for two! Trust us, they will simply love your practical gift!
  5. They appreciate good brands – Thanks to the Gujarati families spread to almost all major countries, and being connected to each other, Gujaratis are extremely familiar, and appreciative of global brands, even if these brands do not have a presence in India.

    This means, you can bring over some wonderful branded toiletries, cosmetics, niche chocolate brands, aromatherapy kits, and small gadgets with you (or ask your NRI friend to get those for you), and hand them over in person as a nice hamper. They will definitely make a huge impact!

So, now you know how to dazzle your Gujarati friends, go ahead and make their day, but in a thoughtful manner. If you need any further inputs, please feel to let your friends at know, and we will be happy to help!

Charity Gifting : Bring Cheer to the less fortunate in India

handgiftMost people with whom we share holiday gifts already have everything in the world. We get a lot of joy in bringing a smile and cheer on the faces of our loved ones. However, we often forget that gifting can bring an even greater joy if it is for the people who have nothing. Charity Gifts if chosen wisely, can transform someone’s life or save it too. The least they do is bring cheer, joy and hope to people who need it most. Here are some charity gift ideas for different social causes. One can contact any of the NGOs, and either gift these in person or utilize any of the online gifting services for the task:

Victims of Child Trafficking & Homeless Women: Girls and women are the most vulnerable sections of Indian society. They are even more at risk if they are abandoned by their families or have been drug addicts, in severe need of rehabilitation. The good thing is that there are many NGOs working to empower them and provide shelter for them. One can also chip in directly, by gifting them some essentials, in partnership with the NGOs. Holiday gifts for them can include baby beds, feeding bottles and baby gift sets that can help new moms take care of their children during the first few weeks of their lives. Even simple and traditional kitchen and home appliances such as cooker, tiffins & casseroles can be appreciated more than you would imagine. You may also help women jumpstart their career as a beautician by ordering them gifts like cosmetic hampers, grooming items and beauty appliances like hair styler and hair dryer.

Children: From orphanages to shelter homes to schools for poor children, there are many places where you can reach out to destitute and poor kids, disabled children, and children who live in extremely poor conditions. You may order school gear such as school bags, tiffins, water bottles and stationery supplies for them. Arts & Hobbies kits like colouring sets and play dough sets, board games that can help learning or soft toys and chocolates are all gifts that will delight! For an orphanage with ample space, sports kits like cricket sets, badminton, football and volleyball are a good idea too.

Empowering the Poor: Buying handicraft items is one way to feed a family or community, without hurting their self-respect. Made by artisans trained for generations, these exquisite artistic pieces will certainly make the day of the recipient, and help artisans earn their livelihood with dignity. Home decor items like diyas and candles, idols of gods and goddesses, torans and elegant handmade jewellery ultimately come from poor families who make these to feed their families.

Small charity gifts that come from the heart are better than the elaborate philanthropic acts that mean little to people who organise them. Gujarat Gifts tries to promote products by small artisans and women and contribute to their income by selling these online. Our experts can guide you further about which charity gifts you can buy, and where you can send them, depending on your budget and the social cause closest to your heart. You need not buy from us – we would be happy to help you connect with a charity of your choice.

Choosing Perfect Wedding Gifts for Brides & Grooms in India!

Choosing a wedding gift is not an easy task in a country like India, which is home to a multitude of religions with varying traditions and customs. Knowing what is appropriate and what is not while picking up marriage gifts for people from different religions is a difficult task at best. To make this a bit easier, we present a guide on how to choose the perfect Wedding Gifts for India based on the ethnicity of the bride & groom:

1. Gifts for Hindu Weddings: In Hindu culture, cash denominations ending in ‘1’ such as Rs 251, Rs 501, etc. are considered lucky. But cash gifts have become such a cliché these days that they are almost instantly forgettable. For someone close to you, you might want to gift more practical gifts or treasured keepsakes. Gold or silver coins bearing images of Lord Ganesha (God of Good Beginning) and Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth & Prosperity) are considered lucky by Hindus. There are enough Gods-Goddesses pairs popular in Hinduism that denote eternal love, never-ending devotion or ultimate marital bliss. Statues of Radha-Krishna, Shiva-Parvati or Sita-Ram, are sure to win over a Hindu couple. Just avoid anything made of leather in Hindu weddings – especially cow leather.

2. Wedding Gifts for Christians: Devout Christians often give religious icons as universal wedding gifts. While crucifixes may seem macabre to you as a non-Christian, you may choose to give Bible with a personalised cover (with couple’s names or initials on it) or a pair of wedding bands in gold or silver to both Catholics and Protestants. For a Christian bride, you may gift a beautiful flower bouquet to match her wedding dress that she can carry up the aisle.

3. Gifts for Muslim Marriages: In Muslim weddings, refrain from anything related to alcohol or drinking. No matter how lovely those champagne glasses may seem to you or how rare a wine bottle is, it is a strict ‘no’ as a wedding gift to someone who practices Islam as his or her religion. Personalised gifts with the names of bride and groom in Islamic calligraphy or home décor items with Islamic artwork can make good gifts for Islamic weddings.

4. Gifts for Punjabi or Sikh Weddings: It is not customary to carry gifts to Sikh weddings unless you are a close relative or a very close friend. Most guests give cash gifts to bride and groom after the wedding ceremony is over. However, unlike Muslims, Sikhs do love their drinks. So, if you really want to impress them, huge bottles of good quality liquor or wine glass sets make good wedding gifts for them. However, you might want to stay away from things like shaving kits and personal grooming items related to hair grooming.

5. Gifts for Buddhist Weddings: Monetary gifts in red envelopes with gold lettering make traditional wedding gifts for Buddhists. Feng Shui gifts that denote luck and prosperity make good gifts for Buddhist marriages too. Fuk Luk Sau – the Three Wise Men – are considered luckier than the solitary laughing Buddha for the newlyweds.

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Tips to Choose Gifts by Occasions

gifts-by-occasionsSince the time of our inception, God has given us innumerable gifts and we don’t ever question why we need them. Gifts and presents are just tokens of our love, affection and thoughtfulness towards the receivers. Wrapped up in little and big packages, Gujarat Gifts delivers joy and pleasure to your near and dear ones and make life a little more gratifying for them.

Here are some of the most amazing gift ideas for major milestones in life:

Graduation Gifts: Passing out of college is one of the most memorable moments of our lives. It is a time to dream and take new flight. It is also a time to say goodbye to your old friends and college. Personalised T-shirts, mugs or 3D crystals with your most memorable college moments on them make excellent gifts for your friends.

Gifts on Promotion: You work hard and give your best to your job for the much-awaited promotion. Many-a-times, people do not take a chance to stop because they want to make it to the top so strongly. Of course, you want to give them best ‘congratulations’ gifts that they deserve. From gorgeous fresh flowers and fruits combos to chic office gifts are perfect for an employing moving up the career ladder. A photo mug or a keychain is also a good way to remind them of you all the time.

Wedding Gifts: You know enough people that recycle unwanted and untouched wedding gifts and pass them on to others. Instead of buying just one more set of bowls or cotton bedding set for next wedding you are attending, choose something for the couple that they will treasure. Bouquets of red roses, yummy chocolates and mouth-watering cakes make good gift combos for couples who opt for close friends who are going for a love marriage. Home and kitchen appliances may be more suitable for family wedding events and arranged marriages.

Gifts for New Parents: We all agree that babies are God’s best gifts. As babies stare at us with their curious, inquisitive eyes, we want to present them nothing but the best. Teethers and soothers that make them wiggle with delight and baby beds where they can sleep like angels at night make excellent gifts for little babies and their parents.

Housewarming Gifts: Buying a home and setting it up is not easy for any proud home owner. A new home is the symbol of one’s love, memories and progress. Feng Shui gifts or spiritual gifts that symbolize wealth and prosperity and are believed to attract divine blessings are worthy gifts for such an occasion. Beautiful fresh flower bouquets can lend warmth and beauty to a new home too.

Retirement Gifts: After a long lifetime of hard work and dedication, retirement is a moment to cherish. It is not easy for most people to bid farewell to their long-standing colleagues and work place just like that. Personalised gifts with meaningful text messages, evergreen branded watches, photo cubes capturing office moments and timeless gold and silver coins make admirable retirement gifts.

The Best gifts are those that preserve the memories of yesterday and create more memories today. So choose well!

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How to choose Birthday Gifts by Relationship?

How to Choose by RelationshipBirthdays are truly a once in a year affair! Great birthday gifts are highly individualistic – ones that seem to have been picked up just for the person they are meant for. We realise that it can be a surprisingly difficult to pick one up. So, here are some great tips for you to order a birthday gift that will be cherished by the recipient for years to come:

Birthday Gift Tips for Spouse

The fact is that after marriage, you tend to become more practical. So, if you pick up a wrong dress size for your wife or chocolates for husband who is trying to lose weight, you will not hear the end of it. Dig a bit into your spouse’s personality to know his or her tastes and preferences. Fresh flowers for die-hard romantics, cool gadgets for the nerds, and a bottle of red wine to soothe nerves of workaholics can be some good birthday present ideas. Remember, household appliances do not count as birthday gifts when it comes to spouses!

Birthday Gift Tips for Children

Almost every parent has stories of onslaught of forgettable birthday gifts that their kids’ birthday parties leave behind. Kids love gifts that can engage them. Three questions can help you filter birthday gifts for kids –
1) Are they good for children? (like creativity toys and books)
2) Do they match their hobbies or interests? (like sketch pens for artists and science kits for the experimentalists), and
3) Will they last beyond their age and interests? (like pet-care items or non-perishable playthings that can be donated later).

Birthday Gift Tips for Boss or Seniors

The dilemma of choosing a birthday gift for your boss or a colleagues is that you want to order them a special present but still not make it too personal or expensive. You don’t want to look too stingy in their eyes and yet, you don’t want them to read too much into a gift with an exorbitant price. You also probably don’t know what the person might already have. Items to commemorate good times at work and successes of the team are perhaps the safest and best birthday gifts for your workmates.

Birthday Gift Tips for Best Buddies

Best friends, whether they of same sex or opposite sex, are ones you know inside out. Naturally, you would want a gift that will warm them up (but not make them go all lovey-dovey). Sneak around your friends’ house to get a good idea of what they might like as birthday gifts. Light-hearted and humorous gifts such as T-shirts with funny slogans, personalized gifts (such as a photo frame with a memorable picture-perfect moment you both shared) to a prank gift – Gujarat Gifts offers you some excellent gift choices for your chums.

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